6 Best Pop Up Rigs For Carp Fishing



pop up rigs for carp

Are you looking to take your carp fishing to the next level? Looking to add another weapon to your carp rig arsenal? you’ve come to the right place. Here are the best pop up rigs for carp, they will change your carp fishing game and help you land more fish.

What Is a Pop Up Rig?

So, what exactly is a pop up rig? Well, it’s a setup where your bait is suspended off the bottom, using buoyant bait called a pop up.

The idea behind this rig is to present your bait in a way that stands out from the rest of the offerings on the lake bed. By floating your bait above any debris or weed, you can ensure that it remains fishing at all times. This can be especially effective when fishing in weedy areas or debris covered areas.

Best Pop Up Rigs For Carp

Spinner Rig/Ronnie Rig

The Spinner Rig, also known as the Ronnie Rig, is an absolute game-changer for carp fishing, commonly used by the likes of Tom Dove, Neil Spooner and Danny Fairbrass. When it comes to pop up rigs for carp fishing, the Spinner Rig is undoubtedly one of the best options out there. It is personally my go to rig for pop ups and wafters.

This versatile rig has gained immense popularity among anglers due to its effectiveness in fooling even the most cautious carp. What sets the Spinner Rig apart from other pop up carp rigs is its unique design. It features a spinner swivel that allows the hook and pop up to freely move and turn when a carp sucks it up. Turning fast makes it incredibly hard for the carp to spit it out once it’s in its mouth.

tom dove spinner rig - pop up rigs for carp

Hinged Stiff Rig

The hinged stiff rig consists of a curved hook link made from a stiff material, such as fluorocarbon or coated braid, with a chod style hook attached to the end. The main advantage of using a hinged stiff rig is its ability to present pop up baits perfectly. The stiffness of the rig ensures that the bait remains elevated above any debris on the lake bed.

mark pitchers hinged stiff rig - pop up rigs for carp

Chod Rig

The chod rig consists of a short length of stiff hooklink material with a chod patterned hook, hence the name. The beauty of the chod rig lies in its ability to present your bait effectively over various types of lakebeds. Whether you’re fishing over weed, silt, or debris, this rig ensures that your bait remains visible and above any potential obstructions. The buoyant nature of the pop up hookbait helps it stay elevated off the bottom.

Not only does the chod rig excel in its presentation capabilities, but it also offers great versatility. You can easily adjust the height at which your bead sits allowing you to fish over any height of weed, giving you piece of mind knowing you’re rig is always presented well.

chod rig - pop up rigs for carp

Multi Rig

The Multi Rig is a popular and versatile choice among carp anglers, especially those who prefer using pop-up baits. What makes the Multi Rig so appealing is its adaptability. Essentially, it is a highly adjustable pop-up rig that provides the flexibility of changing the hook without having to tie a new rig each time. This saves valuable time and allows anglers to respond quickly to changing conditions or feeding spells.

multi rig - pop up rigs for carp

Naked Chod Rig

The Naked Chod Rig is a versatile and effective rig, particularly favoured for use in situations where the lake or river bottom is covered in debris, silt, or weed. The ‘naked’ in its name comes from the fact that this rig is designed to be used directly on the mainline without any leader or tubing, hence it appears ‘naked’.

The rig consists of a stiff, short hook link that helps to present a pop-up bait above the lakebed. The hook link is generally made from a stiff monofilament or fluorocarbon material and uses a curved chod hook.

At the heart of the Naked Chod Rig is a bead that allows the chod section to slide along the mainline. This setup ensures that the bait can always be presented above the bottom debris, no matter how uneven or cluttered the lakebed might be.

naked chod rig - pop up rigs for carp

Zig Rig

The Zig Rig is used to catch carp in the upper layers of water. It’s particularly effective during warmer months or when carp are feeding just below the surface and not on the lake bed.

The length of the hook link can vary, from a few feet to as much as the entire depth of the lake. The length you choose should be based on where you believe the carp are located in the water column. For instance, if carp are visibly cruising near the surface, a longer hook link would be used to present the bait at their feeding level.

The hooks used in Zig Rigs are typically smaller, ranging from size 8 to 10. The hook link is usually a low-diameter monofilament line for its unobtrusiveness. The bait is often brightly coloured to grab the carp’s attention.

Zig Rigs require some practice and patience to set up and use effectively. It may take some time to determine at what depth the carp are feeding, and to adjust the rig accordingly. But once mastered, Zig Rigs can be a powerful tool in the angler’s arsenal, especially during periods when traditional bottom-bait tactics are not producing results.

zig rig - pop up rigs for carp

Key Takeaways

  • The Zig Rig is effective for catching carp close to the surface, while the Pop Up Rig suspends bait off the bottom of the water.
  • The Pop Up Rig is best used when targeting carp feeding on the bottom but over debris or weed.
  • Knowing when to use a Pop Up Rig can increase the chances of triggering a bite, and catching bigger fish.

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